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Visual Coordinator
Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown

Deadline: May 25, 2022
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The Visual Arts Coordinator works closely with the Visual Chair, the Writing Coordinator, the Executive Director, and office staff in administering the Winter Fellowship program. The position is 30 hours per week, beginning September 15 and ending May 15; the salary is $30,000 for the Fellowship season and includes health insurance for the Coordinator and the availability of year-round housing, excluding utilities. Additionally, the Coordinator will receive a $500 administrative stipend for each mid-career residency that they administer, payable at the end of the residencies. The contract is for one year.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Working with Fellows and Fellowship Program

  • Designing and leading, with the Writing Coordinator and the Executive Director, the annual orientation program for new Fellows.
  • Organizing professional meetings between Visual Arts Committee (VAC) members and Visual Arts Fellows in concert with the VAC Chair.
  • Consulting with the Executive Director on budgetary matters affecting the Visual Arts program. Developing the Fellowship Visual Arts budget.
  • Working within the annual budget as approved by the Board of Trustees for the Fellowship program. Keeping records of program expenditures.
  • Developing and arranging, with the Writing Coordinator, the annual program schedule and joint program committee meetings. Reviewing the proposed schedule with the Executive Director.
  • Developing, overseeing, and attending all Visual Arts program events.
  • Managing all correspondence relating to the Visual Arts program.
  • Maintaining a “high res” digital library of the works by current and former Visual Arts Fellows.
  • Posting information of interest or benefit to the Visual Arts Fellows.
  • Informing the administrative staff of any mailing list changes.

Visiting Artist Program

  • Determining Visiting Artist prospects with input from the Fellowship and Visual Arts Committee.
  • Corresponding with, making arrangements for, and escorting Visiting Artists.
  • Scheduling artist talks with Visiting Artist and arranging studio visits for those Fellows who request them.
  • Publicizing public Visual Arts program events, with assistance from the marketing team.

Organizing Visual Art Juries

  • Setting application goals with the Executive Director.
  • Promoting and publicizing the Visual Arts Fellowship, with support from the marketing team. 
  • Processing and organizing 700-800 applications from SlideRoom.
  • Organizing the jury procedures for the selection of Visual Arts Fellows, pursuant to decisions of the VAC.
  • Handling arrangements for outside jury members and assisting them in viewing works by applicants. The coordinator, with suggestions from the VAC, selects and invites the jurors; organizes travel arrangements and accommodations; reserves a suitable offsite location for the review; organizes the schedule and facilitates the process.
  • Notifying applicants of the jury decisions.
  • Notifying VAC members of non-public Visual Arts program events.

Gallery and Equipment

  • Scheduling the use of the Hudson D. Walker Gallery with the Visual Arts Fellows, which includes 10-15 exhibitions each fellowship year. Visual Coordinator manages onsite installation and de-installation, as well as day of event hospitality and photography with assistance from each exhibiting Fellow.
  • Manage the Visual Arts Fellowship-related and gallery-related equipment (i.e. DSLR cameras, projectors, TVs, monitors, speakers, lights, printers), budget for non-office related equipment purchases, and maintain an equipment tracking “sign-in/sign out” protocol with Fellows.
  • Tend to the digital media lab: track ink and paper usage, orient the Fellows to the space and clearly communicate the responsibilities of using FAWC equipment and sharing materials.


  • Will be the liaison between the Visual Arts Fellows and the Executive Director and Committee.
  • Attends staff meetings.
  • Calling meetings of the Visual Arts Committee (VAC) upon request of the Committee Chairperson.
  • Promoting FAWC in the community by participating in art related meetings, conventions, and conversations. 
  • Managing publicity, administering jury process, and coordinating onsite lodging and studio logistics for mid-career artist residencies. 
  • Preparing, as needed, parts of FAWC brochures, website, application forms, newsletters, annual reports, lists, calendars and press releases relating to the Visual Arts program, its Fellows and events, including an annual listing of former Visual Arts Fellows’ accomplishments.


  • A former Fine Arts Work Center Visual Fellow
  • A practicing professional artist
  • At least one year of administering a program or working as a studio assistant
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and listening skills
  • Strong organizational skills; ability to multitask
  • Demonstrable experience in working successfully with a committed group of people often working with limited resources
  • Resourcefulness

The Visual Coordinator is the facilitator and liaison among the Fellows, the Executive Director, the office staff, the Visual Committee, and the Board of Trustees. Tasks include everything from airport pick-ups to program development. Strong organizational and diplomatic skills, common sense, and an ability to represent an acclaimed residency program to the public are essential.

We need a passionate and detail-oriented person who can be an advocate for our Fellows. The Coordinator stands at the center of the Visual Program – the Coordinator helps create the atmosphere in which the Fellows work and live, and, through the Visiting Artists Program, publicity, and outreach, helps define the way the world perceives the Fine Arts Work Center. During the Fellowship season, the Coordinator is expected to remain in Provincetown for all but major holidays and occasional weekends.

Contact Naya Bricher
Administrative Director
508.487.9960 x101

The Fine Arts Work Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer. The Work Center facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.