Secrets, Lies & the Essential Truths: Finding Your Voice as a Playwright

Jonatha Brooke WEEK 5: July 5 to July 10 TUITION: $650 WORKSHOP: 9am-12pm DISCIPLINE: Playwriting OPEN TO ALL ON-SITE HOUSING AVAILABLE

Develop your play or solo show. In this generative workshop, we will discuss character and story, timeline, arc. We’ll dig and deepen, explore new ways into your narrative through various exercises, including dialoguing. Gain practice in writing scenes through prompts and “quick and dirty” writing assignments. Receive feedback through workshop discussion. Hone the skills to tell your own story.


Jonatha Brooke is a highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, recording artist, and playwright. In 2014, Ms. Brooke debuted her one-woman theater piece, My Mother Has Four Noses, at the Duke Theater in NYC, a critics’ pick in the NY Times and Time Out Magazine. She has written three other musicals: Hopper and Death and Venice with Anton Dudley; and Quadroon, with Joe Sample. She’s currently working on Switched with Geoffrey Nauffts. Honors include a 2018 McKnight Artist Grant and the 2019 International Acoustic Music Awards for best artist and best song for “Put the Gun Down.” For the past year, Brooke has been teaching on-line Songwriting Master Classes, and streaming weekly concerts from her home in Minneapolis as her creative antidote to the COVID lockdown.

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