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Susanna Sonnenberg Against Silence: Finding Your Way into Memoir Non-Fiction October 24 to November 18, 2022 Number of Participants: 1 Price: $650.00 Format: 4 Week Asynchronous Workshop


Open to writers at all levels, “Against Silence” is a rigorous class that will help you pinpoint those particularly sticky and elusive subjects that you desperately want to write about, yet just haven’t figured out how. In this class you’ll figure it out. We will use generative prompts, some tailored to your specific work, some for the general class, and we will read short selections by memoir writers who drive their way into the dark heart and miraculously find their way out again. New work is due each week.


Susanna Sonnenberg is the author of two memoirs, Her Last Death and She Matters: A Life in Friendships, both New York Times bestsellers. She has been on the summer faculty of the Fine Arts Work Center since 2017. She lives in Missoula, Montana, where she teaches online and hikes with her dog Mazie.

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