Summer Project Studio, past Fellow James Everett Stanley. Photo: Michael Cestaro

Nurture Artists. Shape our Culture.

The Fine Arts Work Center champions new voices. We invest in some of the world’s most promising artists and writers, providing them with the resources to create work that matters. No other residency program in America offers seven months of solitude and community to advance new practices and ideas.
Our newly renovated facilities and growing endowment have allowed us to take risks and support artists in ways our founders could only have imagined. We’re back to pre-pandemic operations, and the energy and enthusiasm are invigorating.

2022-2023 Writing Fellow Hannah Perrin King reflected:

There are very few times in life when you’re able to recognize, as it’s happening, the old version of yourself becoming the new one. Here, at the Fine Arts Work Center, just that happened: a door was opened, and a door was walked through. Over the course of seven months, I became the writer I am now. And, in that same vein, the writer I will become—in all her iterations over the span of her career—will be inseparable from, and owed to, my time at the Center. To say my experience at FAWC was a gift does not begin to describe it. It was a portal, a metamorphosis. I am new, and for that, I will always be grateful.

What happens at the Fine Arts Work Center is indeed powerful. You are part of that power. Together, we open more portals for artists and writers. You welcome, embrace, and hold space for creative freedom and renewal in renewing your support.

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