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Daisy Fried “Some People Have Been Unkind”: A Workshop on Literary Book Reviewing Non-Fiction March 5 to March 30, 2018 Number of Participants: 15 Price: $500 Format: 4 Week Asynchronous Workshop

In this workshop, you will look at literary book reviewing from aesthetic, ethical, and practical angles, exploring possible approaches for reviewing and discovering what elements are useful in reviews. By examining and discussing samples of different kinds of reviews as well as writing your own, you will discover how writing reviews can help us in our creative practice.

“Some people have been unkind” is what Marilyn Monroe said about her critics. This workshop will look at literary book reviewing from aesthetic, ethical and practical angles. What are the possible approaches for reviewing? What makes for a useful review? How about an entertaining one? Is negative reviewing ethical? How can we balance judgment of quality with the limitations of personal taste? How might writing reviews help us in our creative practice? You’ll look at samples of different kinds of reviews, discuss the practical and business aspects of reviewing, do reviewing exercises, and write and critique your own book reviews.


Daisy Fried’s book of “versions and aversions” of the 19th C. French poet, Charles Baudelaire, will be published by Flood Editions in 2022. She is also the author of three other books of poems: My Brother is Getting Arrested Again, Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice, and She Didn’t Mean to Do It. A past Guggenheim, Hodder and Pew Fellow in poetry, she is a member of the faculty of the Warren Wilson MFA Program for writers, and at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she lives.

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