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Martha Rhodes The Order of Telling: from Title to First Line, to Next Line… What We Reveal & When Poetry July 15, 2024 Number of Participants: 12 Price: $575.00 Format: 1 Week - LIVE Zoom Workshop
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LIVE via Zoom: 12pm-2pm (Eastern Time)

Ordering within a poem, ordering poems within a manuscript, can be difficult. We’ll look at how the writers in our workshop manage the order of telling, or revealing. The title comes first, but also, we see the very shape of a poem—we might even notice and be influenced by the poem’s “look” before we read the title. How does what we see, what we read, in the order of seeing and reading affect our reaction to the poem? We’ll talk about how the poems presented in our workshop manage ordering—manage, that is, the presentation of information, image, description and to what effect.


Martha Rhodes is the author of five poetry collections, most recently The Thin Wall (Univ of Pittsburgh Press). She is a member of the faculty of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College and has taught at Sarah Lawrence College, University of California at Irvine, Emerson College, among other programs. She is the publisher and executive editor of Four Way Books. She lives in New York City.







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