A Fairy Tale at Land’s End with Miguel Braceli

March 13, 2024
Fellowship, Provincetown

Photo Courtesy of Miguel Braceli.

For Miguel Braceli, Provincetown is at once extraordinarily real and as fantastic as a fairy tale. His studio space at the Fine Arts Work Center is more “gathering place” than workshop. His works resist the limitations of any one medium; they revel in fabrics and photography. His upcoming performance, titled True Love’s Kiss, is being meticulously planned but will unfold at the whim of the moment.

As the sun sets on Saturday, March 23, a cavalcade of people carrying a long length of tulle will proceed down Provincetown’s West End jetty and give Braceli a kiss. The performance is part of a larger project, A Queer Fairy Tale in Provincetown.

Kisses have always frightened Braceli, he says. But he’s fascinated by the way they mark watershed moments in fairy tales. “The kiss in a fairy tale has this magical power to change everything,” he says. “A princess comes alive.”

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