Finding a Writing Life of One’s Own by Seema Reza

We are delighted to share this essay by FAWC faculty member and past student Seema Reza, published today in LitHub. 
This is a reflection on the experience of the Summer Workshop Program for one particular student and all that it offers writers at critical moments in their lives:

During my week in Provincetown, everything I did was about my own needs: the walk on the boardwalk, the reading, the two showers, the naps, the spooking in the cemetery. I laughed at my own jokes and I made myself cry.

In Provincetown I was not writing because I had to squeeze in time to process what was happening in my life. I was not writing as an act of defiance or service or claim to myself. I was writing because I wanted to, because I was curious, because I could. It was my first glimmer of another way.

I came home and wrote on a post-it: “Your writing is not meant to be useful to anyone.” I stuck it on my bathroom mirror.

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