The Provincetown Independent Describes Summer Exhibition “Like a Love Letter”

Karen Schifano, 2022, “Crowds and Power”


Provincetown, Massachusetts, has always been a refuge for artists, writers, and creative individuals seeking inspiration from its breathtaking coastal landscapes and vibrant community. The Provincetown Independent, our local newspaper, recently published an article on the 2023 Annual Summer Exhibition, which features artwork from selected Fellows. The exhibition, “Everyone We Know is Here,” is curated by artist Heidi Hahn, a former Fellow.

“In the curatorial statement for “Everyone We Know Is Here,” an exhibition of work by past Fine Arts Work Center visual arts fellows, Heidi Hahn writes about frustration, inspiration, heartache, and the endless making that typifies the experience of being a fellow during the seven-month residency.

The artwork she selected, which she describes as resonating with her personally, is marked by a lack of finish or refinement. The exhibition sticks close to the very human experience of finding one’s way as a visual artist — with all the humility, mistakes, and inspired breakthroughs it entails — and, as such, it’s a fitting celebration of a residency that has been a formative space and experience for so many.”

Read “Like a Love Letter, FAWC Exhibition Is Full of Feeling” by Abraham Storer, published in the Provincetown Independent on August 2, 2023.

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