Turning the Inside Out Right Side Up Again

February 1, 2024
Artist News, Fellowship

Visual Arts Fellow is featured in Patron Magazine, a contemporary arts and culture magazine based in Dallas and Fort Worth.

“Gibbons settled in for a seven-month stint as a 2023-2024 Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, soon thereafter. A dramatic change from his ramshackle live-workspace back in Dallas, the Detroit-born artist has both a large studio and an apartment at his disposal until the end of April. Gibbons relayed that ‘if the space changes my work so much, then in a way I’m changing the mod in which I make the work in a space in order to see just what happens. Letting doubt exist alongside belief, in tandem… I need to attach myself to something, and I want to choose that thing to be something magical.'”

Click here for the magazine link and navigate to pages 48-49 to read Turning the Inside Out Right Side Up Again by Brandon Kennedy. 

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