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Dorothea Lasky Things Seen in Flowers: Poetry & the Occult Spring – LIVE Poetry March 6 to March 10, 2023 Tuition: $575.00 Class Size: 12 Session: winter Level: virtual LIVE 1 week workshop
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LIVE via ZOOM: 8pm-10pm (Eastern) 

Roses, daisies, pansies, violets, sunflowers, lilies, buttercups, poppies, and peonies. Flowers are things that many poets use in their poems and we associate them with love, life, health, and growth or the direct opposite of these ideas. But flowers in poems can mean other unexpected things, too. In this craft class, we will explore the multitude of weirdness and wonder in poems that contain flowers. We will read poems by William Blake, Bhanu Kapil, Toi Derricotte, H.D., Pablo Neruda, Cornelius Eady, and Marilyn Chin, among others, which use flowers in strange and new ways. We will write our own poems too, inspired by these poets and sparked by some living and non-living flowers. And in doing all of this work, we will explore the great green mystery of life, which haunts us poets, which haunts all of us.


Dorothea Lasky is the author of seven books of poetry and prose, including Animal (Wave Books). Currently, she teaches poetry at Columbia University School of the Arts and lives in New York City.

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