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24PearlStreet Workshop Catalog

Peter Campion
Form & Feeling - LIVE
June 20 to June 24, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 1pm-3pm EST. This class is for people who want to improve their poems, by understanding the art more fully, from the inside out. During our week together, we’ll explore formal elements—such as action, voice, sentence, phrase, line, sound, and metaphor—while generating our own new poems. I hope to give each student a... more
Kristina Marie Darling
Perfecting the Book: a Workshop for Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts
June 20 to August 12, 2022
Tuition: $750
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS This workshop will provide detailed feedback on individual poems, as well as offering students a variety of strategies for sequencing, structuring, sectioning, and titling a full-length poetry manuscript. We will glean insights about these elements of craft from a wide range of published collections, which include Julianna Baggott’s Lizzie Borden in... more
Jessica Jacobs
Talking to the Walls: Writing Ekphrastic Poetry - HYBRID
June 21 to June 21, 2022
Tuition: $175
HYBRID SPRINT on June 21st at 2pm-4pm EST. 24PearlStreet welcomes virtual students to participate in exciting, generative, hybrid workshops as they happen in real time at the Fine Arts Work Center. Virtual attendees, click the 24PearlStreet “Register for this Workshop” button to register as usual. Max virtual attendees is capped at 50. Talking to the... more
Dorianne Laux
The Brilliance of the Simple Line - LIVE
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 2pm-4pm EST. It’s difficult to write a simple poem, a poem of precision, accuracy, depth and breadth. One where each image is necessary to the whole, where the language both sings and means, makes and unmakes. After looking at the construction of deceptively simple poems for years, I finally see how they... more
Jennifer Martelli
Crossing That Line: a Generative and Revision Workshop
June 27 to August 19, 2022
Tuition: $750
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS Line breaks—when we’re unbound from formal poetry—can be mystifying! When do we break—if ever? This class is for people who want to explore how breaking—or not breaking— a line of poetry can open up possibilities in a poem. During our eight-week class, we’ll explore various forms—the prose poem, the haibun, the... more
Leah Umansky
Lost + Found: a Generative Poetry Workshop Using Found Pieces
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS This workshop will focus on found texts to guide our minds into discovering new phrases of language we normally wouldn’t use in a poem. A writer’s toolbox is vast!. This workshop is inspired by some of the “At Home,” New York Times pieces I created during the Pandemic, where I urged readers to use... more
Tyler Mills
Poems that Travel—A Writing Residency at Home
July 11 to August 5, 2022
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS Have you ever thought, “I’d love to do a writing residency, but I don’t have time, or am not able to travel right now?” Or maybe you’ve thought, “I want to get a lot done, but don’t want to write in isolation!” This is a friendly, but rigorous, community-based, four-week summer... more
Sandra Beasley
Come to the Creative Nonfiction Playground: Flash, Lyric, & Unconventional Essays - LIVE
July 11 to July 15, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 5pm-7pm EST. In this one-week intensive workshop, we’ll explore writing personal essays that are flash, lyric, and unconventional in their forms. Days one, two, and three will define these approaches, and offer close reading of contemporary texts to serve as models; each day includes a unique prompt designed for drafting in an... more
January Gill O'Neil
What Are You Risking? – A Generative Workshop - LIVE
July 18 to July 22, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 10am-12pm EST. “In a poem, one line may hide another line,/ As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.” —Kenneth Koch So often one poem may hide another poem. To allow ourselves us to be open means saying the unsayable. It is a brave and courageous act to write our... more
Martha Rhodes
Revising & Generating, Creating New From the Old: a Poetry Workshop - LIVE
July 18 to July 22, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 12pm-2pm EST. This workshop will focus on how we can manage our material through decisions regarding craft. We will look at how our strategies can lead us through our poems and how we can work to bring our poems to realization and, too, how our drafts can trigger new poems that may... more
Keetje Kuipers
The Pleasures of Peril: Writing Poems on the Brink
July 25 to August 19, 2022
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS What does it mean to not just write towards the things that scare us, but to write about them in a way that unsettles? And how can insisting on making ourselves uncomfortable in the process of composition provide a sense of startling free-fall for our readers, too? A complacent and competent... more
H.R. Webster
Towards Abundance: Revision as the Site of Joyful Experimentation
July 25 to July 29, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS In this workshop we will explore revision as a tool not simply for honing and perfecting but for re-encountering our work in search of surprise and possibility. Each day of the workshop, we will try new revision experiments and produce multiple re-imaginings of a small group of poems. We will embrace... more
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
Saturday Sprints with Marcelo Hernandez Castillo – LIVE
August 6 to August 6, 2022
Tuition: $225
LIVE via ZOOM: TBA. Saturday Sprints are three-hour generative workshops with stellar writers, usually centered on a theme. Workshops are limited to 25 participants. more
Rebecca Morgan Frank
Discovering New Directions: A Poetry Workshop
August 8 to August 12, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS Do you feel like you keep writing the same poem over and over, or that you aren’t sure how to begin new poems? Are you looking for community and support in expanding your poetic practice? Join us for this asynchronous generative workshop, in which we will use daily prompts and readings;... more
John Murillo
Gimme the Loot: How to Steal Like a Poet - LIVE
August 8 to August 12, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE  via ZOOM: 1pm-3pm EST. In this class, we will explore strategies by which poets may enrich their own art by deliberately imitating their favorites… and their favorites’ favorites! We will discuss such topics as voice, influence, and originality, as well as the imperative of serving a serious apprenticeship. Participants should bring to this workshop... more
Nicole Sealey
Seeing is Believing: Drafting the Lasting Image - LIVE
August 8 to August 12, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 9am-11am EST. In The Poet’s Companion, Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux argue that images should “produce a bit of magic, a reality so real it is ‘like being alive twice.’” As poets, after mining our respective memories, how do we deepen a reader’s experience with the poem via the image? How does... more
Erin Belieu
Vision & Revision - LIVE
August 15 to August 19, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE TIME: 10am-12pm EST.  In this workshop we will look at poems generated by prompts I share with you that are designed to extend your reach, awareness of structure and the tools available to you as poets. The prompts will be based on poems I bring into class for us to consider. We will also... more
Brendan Constantine
The Art of Getting It Wrong - LIVE
August 15 to August 19, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 3pm-5pm EST. Blinded by the blank page? Poet Brendan Constantine presents a special week-long edition of his generative workshop “The Art of Getting It Wrong.” Participants will liberate their strongest poetry by embracing its most common obstacles, including their own perceived limitations. In addition to creating new poems, students will discuss the... more
Taylor Mali
(Not) Only On Paper: Poetry from Page to Stage - LIVE
August 22 to August 26, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 2pm-4pm EST.  Robert Penn Warren, the only person ever to have won the Pulitzer Prize for both poetry and fiction, is rumored to have once described a colleague as being “a great poet, but only on paper.” As a poet with a background in spoken word and the poetry slam, I love... more
Abigail Chabitnoy
Notes on the Assembly
August 22 to August 26, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS Santayana proposes “the great function of poetry is to repair to the material of experience, seizing hold of the reality of sensation and fancy beneath the surface of conventional ideas, and then out of that living but indefinite material to build new structures, richer, finer, fitter, to the primary tendencies of... more
Tara Betts
Speculating on Joy & Futures in Poetry
August 22 to August 26, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS In this workshop, we’ll consider the significance of emphasizing joy, even in challenging times and crisis-laden moments. We’ll imagine the freedom that we want to see in the world and consider how we build our own worlds in our imaginations and our real physical environments. We will also read and discuss poems and speculative... more