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24PearlStreet Workshop Catalog

Curtis Bauer
Seeing A Poem in a Map of the World: A Generative Poetry Workshop
October 10 to October 14, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements “Through the window of the school/the map of Asia could be seen…” wrote the French poet and judge Jean Follain (translated here by Heather McHugh). Too often we are at a loss for what to write about, thinking that our subjects must be grand or address some supreme truth. However, the... more
Leah Umansky
Lost + Found: a Generative Poetry Workshop Using Found Pieces
October 17 to November 11, 2022
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements This workshop will focus on found texts to guide our minds into discovering new phrases of language we normally wouldn’t use in a poem. A writer’s toolbox is vast! This workshop is inspired by some of the “At Home,” New York Times pieces I created during the Pandemic, where I urged... more
Sarah Rose Nordgren
What's the Big Idea? Ambitious Poems in Uncertain Times
October 31 to November 25, 2022
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONONOUS How can poetry help us to process and respond to uncertainty? How might it teach us to grieve as well as heal? To counter isolation with connection? To generate energy and urgency around the crucial problems of our time? Poised, as so many of us are, between information-overload and a feeling of powerlessness in... more
Tyler Mills
Radical Revision: Preparing Poems for Publication
October 31 to November 25, 2022
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements So, you have a draft. What now? This class is geared to helping you rip open the seams of your poems and re-enter them with fresh eyes so that you can prepare them for publication this year. We will look at the revision process of poets like Allen Ginsberg, Elizabeth Bishop,... more
Brendan Constantine
The Art of Getting It Wrong – LIVE
October 31 to November 4, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 7pm-9pm (Eastern) Blinded by the blank page? Poet Brendan Constantine presents a special week-long edition of his generative workshop “The Art of Getting It Wrong.” Participants will liberate their strongest poetry by embracing its most common obstacles, including their own perceived limitations. In addition to creating new poems, students will discuss the... more
Martha Collins
Saturday Sprints with Martha Collins - LIVE
November 5 to November 5, 2022
Tuition: $225
A Handful of Quick Starts LIVE via ZOOM: 1pm-4pm (Eastern) This workshop will begin with a very short brainstorming exercise to help you identify or refine subjects you’d like to address in poems, including “difficult” subjects you may have been anxious or uncomfortable about pursuing. The remainder of the three-hour session will offer you a... more
Joan Kwon Glass
Writing the Raw: Turning Memory, Wound & Truth Into Poetry
November 7 to November 11, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements How can we give a fresh and powerful voice to and breathe life into our raw memories? What questions do our memories want us to consider? What memories have we been avoiding because we are not sure how to write about them? In this workshop, we will read and write poems... more
Rebecca Morgan Frank
Poetry Book (or Chapbook) Bootcamp
November 7 to November 11, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements Are you shaping or revising and reshaping a poetry book or chapbook? Whether you are at the early stages of ordering a manuscript or you are preparing a manuscript to submit to publishers in the new year, this week-long course will provide a toolbox of writing exercises, resources, and activities to... more
Martha Rhodes
Guiding Your Reader Across & Down the Page: Poetry Workshop - LIVE
November 28 to December 2, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 4-6pm (Eastern) Our week together will focus on how we can help our readers navigate our poems through choices we make regarding stanza formation, line endings, punctuation, titling, syntax, diction, inflection, etc. Each member will present their own poems for discussion. The workshop will run at least 2 hours or up to... more
Melissa Studdard
Your Own Fire: Writing the Poems That Only You Can Write
November 28 to December 2, 2022
Tuition: $550
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE elements The poems and poets we love most are often unfettered, unique, and unabashedly themselves. But writing such poems takes courage—to mine your life’s true language and imagery, to delve into your individual psyche and experience, and to trust the structure of your mind to guide the structure of your poems. In... more
Leila Chatti
Praise in Hard Times - LIVE
December 5 to December 9, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 6pm-8pm (Eastern) “Come, see real flowers of this painful world.” – Basho It can be difficult, in these trying times, to make space for praise, or to notice the occasion for it. It is easy to believe it, even, selfish. (“Forgive me, distant wars, for bringing flowers home,” writes Szymborska.) But to... more
Erin Belieu
Vision & Revision - LIVE
December 5 to December 9, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 12pm-2pm (Eastern)  In this workshop we will look at poems generated by prompts I share with you that are designed to extend your reach, awareness of structure and the tools available to you as poets. The prompts will be based on poems I bring into class for us to consider. We will... more
Joseph O. Legaspi
I Must Confess - LIVE
December 12 to December 16, 2022
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 7pm-9pm (Eastern) Why does confessional poetry get a bad rap? Arguably, aren’t all poems confessional, revealing of human experiences and truths? This online workshop aims to encourage the risks and lessen the apprehension of writing about risky subjects. Together we will form a safe space that is affirming yet challenging. The focus... more