Are there deadlines for registering for 24PearlStreet’s online workshops?

There are no deadlines for registration, but we encourage you to register early. Once a class is full, registration for the class is closed. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, you may register for a class that is already full. You will be notified if space becomes available.

How much does a 24PearlStreet workshop cost?

One-week asynchronous workshops cost $500, one-week LIVE workshops cost $550, four-week workshops cost $550, and eight-week workshops cost $650. A $25 registration fee is added to every tuition payment.

Do you offer tuition payment plans? 

Flexible payment plans are available to every student. To use our payment plan option, please proceed with registration as usual and select “Pay by Payment Plan” on the second page of our registration form. You will then be given instructions about how to use our DonorView portal to set up your payment plan. Your first payment must be before the start of your workshop. Each session has an end date for payment plans, so please take note of that as well.

Does 24PearlSteet offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer discounts for returning 24PearlStreet students and Summer Program students. We also run seasonal and early registration promotions.

What’s your refund policy?

Payment is fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the workshop start date.  Registrations cancelled within two weeks of the workshop start date cannot be refunded.

Do these courses qualify for Continuing Education Credits?

Yes! We are happy to provide a letter about your class that will help meet your requirements.


Why do 24PearlStreet’s workshops feature an asynchronous learning model? 

Asynchronous learning is at the heart of 24PearlStreet’s model. It allows students across time zones to come together, engage with their peers, and elevate their craft–even if their lives are also busy with full-time jobs, parenting, or other obligations or pursuits that make it hard to schedule or reserve time for live meetings dedicated to writing.

What does asynchronous learning in a 24PearlStreet workshop look like, exactly?

As a student in a 24PearlStreet class, you’ll have 24/7 access to an online classroom. Your teacher will post class materials–lectures, readings, assignments–in that online classroom. It’s also where you’ll post your work and comment on the work of your peers. You’ll have deadlines during the week, as indicated by the syllabus, but there’s no specific time of day you need to be online. You just need to make sure to post your work by a certain time.

Do any courses have live elements? 

While asynchronous contact is the idea 24PearlStreet was built on, faculty members at 24PearlStreet recognize that occasional synchronous contact–in other words, communicating in real time–has tremendous value, too. Some workshops feature optional and occasional live elements. If a course will feature a live element, the course description specifies this. If no live element is listed underneath a course description, the course will be entirely asynchronous.

Does that mean my course will be held on Zoom?

No. Whether or not a course includes optional live elements, asynchronous learning via the online classroom remains the primary way that teachers will communicate information and conduct the course. Given the constraints of time zones (24PearlStreet students live all over the globe) internet streaming capabilities, and more, live elements are participation-optional for students.


Because of the popularity of LIVE synchronous writing workshops, 24PearlStreet is now featuring exciting new intensives where students can meet and receive direct instruction from faculty for several hours throughout the length of their workshop. Synchronous learning via Zoom will be the primary way faculty will communicate information and conduct the course. The online classroom will still be utilized to upload assignments and download resources. LIVE workshops will be indicated in the course description in the online catalog.


How much time will I need to commit to my online class?

All our course work is designed for busy working folks. One-week intensives have deadlines and interactions on the blog every day, and some students choose to dedicate time away from work or other obligations to immerse themselves in the course. On the other hand, many students balance their normal routines with their coursework. It’s entirely a matter of personal preference.

What’s the difference between the 1, 4, and 8 week classes?

The biggest difference between one-week intensives, four-week workshops, and eight-week workshops is the level of intensity. One-week intensives have deadlines and interaction every day, and include a one-on-one component between you and the instructor at the end of class. Four-week workshops have a few interactions and deadlines a week, and 8-week workshops have a couple interactions and deadlines a week.


When will I receive information about my online class?

You will receive an introductory email from the program manager a few days before your class start date. This email contains a guide to using the online classroom and guidelines for your course.

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