A Poet’s Prose with Lindsay Miles

February 7, 2024
Artist News, Fellowship

Fine Arts Work Center fellow Lindsay Miles has pivoted from poems to essays
during her time in Provincetown. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Miles.

Though Miles began as a poet and is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Edeltraut (Anstruther Press, 2022) and A Period of Non-Enforcement (The Operating System, 2019), she wanted to use the FAWC fellowship to challenge herself to write prose.

“I wanted a little bit of a buffer around the language because I feel like a poem is just so condensed and distilled,” she says. “I was craving a bit more expansiveness. Prose has the ability to give you that.”

Miles describes her essays as written in the style of a “poet’s prose.” It’s heavily image-driven, lyrical, and generally non-narrative, progressing from images to personal stories to history to philosophical ruminations. Miles says she gleans inspiration from the writers Anne Boyer, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Renee Gladman — all of whom work at the edge of numerous genres including poetry, critical theory, and creative nonfiction.

Read the full article written by Oliver Egger in The Provincetown Independent.

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