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Anders Carlson-Wee
Where Poetry Begins: The Art of the First Line - LIVE
March 4 to March 8, 2024
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 7pm-9pm (Eastern Time) The first line of any poem is the handshake with your reader. How do you grab their attention? Establish a tone? Keep them on their feet—or intentionally throw them off balance? In this class, we’ll hone the art of crafting effective opening lines by studying a selection of first... more
Stephen Kuusisto
Writing the Body in Trouble: on Embodiment, Crisis, & Creativity -- POSTPONED to FALL 2024
March 4 to March 29, 2024
Tuition: $650
ASYNCHRONOUS with LIVE ELEMENTS: This four week writing workshop is taught by award winning poet and memoirist Stephen Kuusisto who has written widely about disability and imagination. In this course we will write about the body in all its remarkable subjectivities, as lyric prose says we’re all universal. Each week will focus on the circumstances... more
Erin Adair-Hodges
A Book, By Hook and/or Crook: Bringing Your Novel into the World
March 11 to March 15, 2024
Tuition: $575
ASYNCHRONOUS So, you’re writing a novel—congrats! But…what now? If it’s good, it will find a home, and if it doesn’t, that must mean it’s bad, right? Thankfully, no. Writing is an art, but publishing is a business, so how do we prepare our work (and ourselves) for that phase? Join former fiction acquisitions editor Erin... more
Leila Chatti
Poetry is Fun! How to Banish Writer’s Block, Overcome Fear, & Recover Your Original Spark - LIVE
March 18 to March 22, 2024
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 7pm-9pm (Eastern Time) In the course of pursuing publication or a career built around writing, many writers find themselves frustrated, anxious, or creatively blocked, and it can be difficult to find a way back to the original love of writing for its own sake. In this workshop, we will work to disrupt... more
Krysten Hill
Say It Like You Mean It: Writing & Performing Dynamic Poems - LIVE
March 18 to March 22, 2024
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 3pm-5pm (Eastern Time). Any writer, regardless of genre or form, benefits from practicing methods to help them perform their work well. As a poet, I’ve experienced a certain dread when preparing for readings and the trials of surviving a tough audience. I’ve learned that the page and the stage are always practice... more
Ananda Lima
Ides of March, Rites of Spring: Writing Weather & Seasons - LIVE
March 25 to March 29, 2024
Tuition: $575
LIVE via ZOOM: 7pm-9pm (Eastern Time) How do weather and the seasons interact with our bodies? What do they tell us about time, our connection to the planet, and to each other? How can we as writers explore weather and the seasons, going beyond their use as a passive setting, and instead reflect them as... more
Melissa Febos
Sprint Workshop with Melissa Febos - LIVE
May 11, 2024
Tuition: $150
The Art of Navel Gazing: a Generative Seminar — LIVE via ZOOM: 12pm-2pm (Eastern) on May 11th — Do you suspect the most urgent story you have to tell is your own, but fear that writing a memoir is too vulnerable an undertaking? Do you fear being thought unserious or self-indulgent? Too often we take... more

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