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2023-2026 Strategic Plan

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Vision/ What we aspire to
Nurture artists. Shape our culture.

Mission/ Who we serve and why


Values / Our Guiding Principles


We believe that providing artists with the freedom of time and space to focus on artistic practice within the beautiful natural environment of Outer Cape Cod creates an expansive sense of possibility and leads to creative transformation.


We value excellence and believe in artistically significant work. Our community continually shapes and reshapes important conversations about arts and letters.


We strive to create a welcoming and generative environment supportive of artists. By providing individuals the resources they need to thrive, we hope to enrich people’s intellectual, artistic, and aesthetic lives.


We believe that a diversity of voices strengthens our public discourse and that this leads to cultural vibrancy. We work to evolve as an organization that honors our legacy while repairing historic inequities.

Stewardship and Care

We are committed to the mindful stewardship of our natural, human, financial, and physical resources.

Pillars / Our Most Important Priorities

Pillar 1: Serving Artists and Writers


To ensure that creativity and innovation thrive by building on FAWC’s legacy as an
institution in which artists and writers are responsible for core aspects of decision making
and programming.

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Pillar 2: Work That Matters


To invest in artistic practice and the emergence of new creative directions within
visual arts and writing.

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Pillar 3: Creative Connections


To increase access and foster creative connections that span artistic disciplines, skill
levels, backgrounds, generations, abilities, and locations.

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Pillar 4: Place – Provincetown and Outer Cape Cod


To preserve the artistic vitality of our community and work to protect access to the
natural environment of Provincetown and Outer Cape Cod for future generations of
emerging artists and writers.

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Pillar 5: Adaptability


To create an adaptive institution that thrives for the next half century, rooted in the
protected natural beauty of Outer Cape Cod.

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