Summer Workshop Program 2023

Attention participants!
Our new Tiered Tuition System asks you to choose one of the following tuition levels:

$900 - Sustaining Level
$800 - Standard Level
$700 - Subsidized Level
$500 - Student/Teacher Level

Please reflect on your social and economic position before choosing a tuition level at checkout.
For more information on our new Tiered Tuition System, please click here.

WEEK 1: June 16 - 21
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Silkscreen Printmaking | Vicky Tomayko
The Infinity of Nature | Pete Hocking
Multimedia Experiments | Zehra Khan
Addressing the Shared World | Vievee Francis
The Art of the Ending | Rowan Ricardo Phillips
The Trouble with Historical Fiction: A Revision Workshop | Asako Serizawa
Jump Starts for Cold Mornings | Joan Wickersham

WEEK 2: June 23 - 28
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Screen Dream | Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas
Visual Alchemy and the Building Blocks of Picture Book Illustration | Mike Curato
The Intimate Portrait | Jess T. Dugan
On Urgency: A Memoir and Creative Nonfiction Workshop | Paul Lisicky
Beyond Crispy and Crunchy: Cliché-Busting Food & Drink Writing for Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction | Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Strangeness, Curiosities, and Defamiliarization | Matthew Olzmann
Small Wonders: The Prose Poem and Its Packages | Oliver de la Paz

WEEK 3: June 30 - July 5
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Block Printing for Illustrators | Cecilia Ruiz
Painting the Figure | Forrest Williams
After The Solstice Towards The Harvest: A Week Of Turning Towards Poems | Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Getting Mixed Up: Writing Hybrid Texts | Kimiko Hahn
The Lyric Self | Dante Micheaux
Prose Writing for All Levels | Sarah Schulman

WEEK 4: July 7 - 12   QUEER WEEK
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Celebrating Queer Pasts and Futures: A Printmaking Workshop | Miriam Klein Stahl
The Monstrous Body | Ilana Savdie
Writing To, After, With | Cameron Awkward-Rich
Body Work: A Generative Nonfiction Seminar | Melissa Febos
Finding the Signal Through the Noise | Andrea Lawlor
The Art of Suspense | Carmen Maria Machado
I’m Feeling Queer Today!: ‘Queer on the Cape’ Podcast Workshop | The Future Perfect Project

WEEK 5: July 14 - 19
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Jump Start Etching | James Stroud
Pushing Your Art Further | Joseph Diggs
Experiential Drawing in the Provincetown Landscape | Elizabeth Flood
Writing From the I: Autobiographical Playwriting | Kirsten Greenidge
The Erotic and Beyond | Donika Kelly
The Art of the Story | Cleyvis Natera
You Must Change Your Life: Writing the Ekphrastic Poem | Mark Wunderlich

WEEK 6: July 21 - 26
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Monotype Through the Screen: Merging Screen Printing and Painterly Marks | Nabil Gonzalez
Expansive Painting | Megan Hinton
Artist Books + Book Forms | Janine Wong
Making a Scene | Douglas Bauer
Begin Here: A Generative Nonfiction Workshop | Garrard Conley
Creative Resurrection | Mira Jacob
Girds And Cables, What Holds a Poem Together | Patricia Spears Jones

WEEK 7: July 28 - August 2
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Monoprint: Theme and Variation | Andrew Mockler
Seeing What’s Right in Front of You: Explorations in Text and Image | Joanne Dugan
Discovering Drawing | Paul Stopforth
The Fragmented Figure in Watercolor | Melissa Kay Wilkinson
Service of the Heart: Exploring the Sacred Through Poetry | Jessica Jacobs
Cut, Scratch, & Blend: Revision as Remix | John Murillo
(Re)Memory & Omission | Porsha Olayiwola
Asking Why: Memoir Is a Question | Susanna Sonnenberg

WEEK 8: August 4 - 9
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Monoprinting: Creating Under Pressure | Fred Liang
Trash Lab/Trash Textiles | Liz Collins
Hunting and Farming the Photograph | David Hilliard
Soft Launch | Tina Chang
Writing Friendship | Chen Chen
Revising Your Personal Essays: Make them Shine! | Deborah Jackson Taffa
Seeing is Believing: Drafting the Lasting Image | Nicole Sealey

WEEK 9: August 11 – 16
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Cut, Paste, and Print | Simonette Quamina
Drawing and Journaling the Beaches and Dunes of Provincetown with Thoreau and Other Writers | Mark Adams
Graphic Memoir | Nicole J. Georges
Stop Making Sense: Drawing Inspiration | Autumn Wallace
Write on Time: Restorative Poetics from Isolation to Revivification | Samiya Bashir
Memoir as Bewilderment | Nick Flynn
Writing for Witches | Michelle Tea

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