Summer Workshop Program 2023

Please note: Orientation for Weeks 3-11 is on Sunday; Workshops are Monday through Friday. See an example of a week at FAWC here.
WEEKS 1 & 2: June 4 - June 17
Summer Project Residency – Independent Study

WEEK 3: June 18 - June 24
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Jumpstarts for Cold Mornings - FULL | Joan Wickersham
Against Silence - FULL | Susanna Sonnenberg
Sound and Sense in Poetry | Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Every Story is a Haunted House Story - FULL | Carmen Maria Machado
Drawing Provincetown | Paul Bowen
Multi-Media Experimental Art | Zehra Khan
Silkscreen Printmaking | Vicky Tomayko

WEEK 4: June 25 - July 1   QUEER WEEK
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Self-Censorship, Writing, and Reclamation - FULL | Alexander Chee
Nonfiction Essay Lab - FULL | Melissa Febos
Seedy Verse: Queer/Trans Ecopoetry | Oliver Baez Bendorf
Queer / Trans Fabulism: Writing the Mythic From the Margins | Andrea Lawlor
The Intimate Portrait | Jess T. Dugan
Queertopia: A Zine-making Workshop | Bishakh Som
The Lavender Press | Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas

WEEK 5: July 2 - July 8
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Capturing the Hybrid Text (Poetry and Otherwise) | Kimiko Hahn
Letters, Constellations, Dreams, Correspondences - FULL | Chen Chen
The Many Voices of Creative Nonfiction | Deborah Taffa
Word as Medium | Monica Youn
Constructing the Photographic Image | Nydia Blas
It Starts With a Feeling - FULL | Pete Hocking
Monoprint: Woodcut and Collograph  | Andrew Mockler

WEEK 6: July 9 - July 15
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
On Urgency: A Memoir and Creative Nonfiction Workshop - FULL | Paul Lisicky
Positive Obsession: A Poetry Workshop | Porsha Olayiwola
Writing and Revising, a Poetry Workshop - FULL | Gail Mazur
Dream/Body: Experiment & Discovery with Form & Voice | Seema Reza
Telegraph Signals: Painting in Abstraction | Rubens Ghenov
Taking Inventory; What Matters Now? | David Hilliard
Jumpstart Etching: Photo-Etching on Copper | James Stroud

WEEK 7: July 16 - July 22
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Story | Celeste Lecesne
Fainting at the Cy Twombly House Or: The Power of Ekphrasis! | Vievee Francis
Strangeness, Curiosities, and Defamiliarization - FULL | Matthew Olzmann
Jumpstart Your Nonfiction Project | Garrard Conley
Figurative Sculpture: Using Non-Traditional Materials to Build a Narrative | Kate Clark
Artist Books and Book Forms | Janine Wong
Monotype Through the Screen: Merging Screen Printing and Drawing | Nabil Gonzalez

WEEK 8: July 23 - July 29   YOUTH LIT WEEK
On-site Housing Available
Block Printing for Picture Books | Cecilia Ruiz
Young Adult Writing | Aaron Aceves
Writing Picture Books | Kyle Lukoff
Writing for Young Readers | Sara Farizan
Raise Your Voice: A YA Workshop On Crafting Believable Characters - CANCELLED | Leah Johnson
The Power of Nonfiction Literature for Young People: A Critique Workshop | Brandy Colbert
Picture Book Illustration | Mike Curato
Block Printing from History - CANCELLED | JooHee Yoon

WEEK 9: July 30 - August 5
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
Making a Play | Candace Perry
Hybrid Poetry: Liminal Spaces, Sensual Blur | Tina Chang
A Constructive Approach to Painting | Joseph Diggs
Land's End: Explorations in Photography | Lyle Ashton Harris
Monoprinting: Creating Under Pressure | Fred Liang
Making Broadsides: Bringing Poetry and Art into Conversation | Elizabeth Bradfield
Artful Writing: Re-Seeing Your Writing Through Visual Art | Alexandra Teague
Poetic Art Making: Generating Visual Ideas From Writing | Millian Giang Pham

WEEK 10: August 6 - August 12
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
A Sanctuary in Time: Exploring the Sacred with Poetry - FULL | Jessica Jacobs
Pathetic Poetry - FULL | Eileen Myles
Prose Writing for All Levels - FULL | Sarah Schulman
Composing Across Fields: Writing, Art, and Performance | Ronaldo Wilson
Watercolor Painting Using Collage | Melissa Kay Wilkinson
Connecting with People Through Portraiture | Rashod Taylor
Drawing into Print | Tomas Vu

WEEK 11: August 13 - August 19
On-site Housing NOT Available - Off-site Housing Options
"Duck, Duck, _____": Patterns and so on | Nathan McClain
Doing It Differently: Generative Workshop/Radical Revision - CANCELLED | Marie Howe
Transforming Chaos into Art: A Workshop in Fiction & Memoir - FULL | Dani Shapiro
Possibilities & Necessities: A Fiction Workshop - FULL | Victoria Redel
Memoir as Bewilderment - FULL | Nick Flynn
Thoreau on the Beach: A Drawing & Writing Workshop | Mark Adams
Painting the Figure | Forrest Williams
Experiments with Relief Printmaking | Simonette Quamina

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