Summer Workshop Program 2024

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Full Schedule

Week 4: July 7 - 12   QUEER WEEK

Miriam Klein Stahl
Celebrating Queer Pasts and Futures: A Printmaking Workshop
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 AM - Noon

Open To All
In this workshop, participants will employ a combination of relief printmaking techniques and typography to create posters that celebrate queer pasts and potential futures. We’ll then take the posters and compile them into a collaborative zine made on a Risograph printer, generating a collection of the work made over the course of the workshop. By... more
Ilana Savdie
The Monstrous Body
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 am - 12 pm

Open To All
This workshop will focus on how to understand the way our bodies relate to the world through touch, through image, and through material instincts. It will use the history of collage, assemblage and decollage as a way of imagining new configurations of the self. We will be exploring method and meaning in art making, the... more
Cameron Awkward-Rich
Writing To, After, With
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 am - 12 pm

Open To All
Poetry is often imagined as a solitary art, the poet as a lone and lonely figure, but poetry is also a profoundly communal practice. It is a place we go to speak with the dead, the absent living, and our never-singular selves; a spark that animates and organizes collectives; a lineage to step into. Borrowing... more
Photo: Beowulf Sheehan
Melissa Febos
Body Work: A Generative Nonfiction Seminar
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 am - 12 pm

In this generative seminar we will explore the practice of writing from intimate personal experience and the embodied nature of that practice. As writers, we cannot create dynamic textual bodies without considering the corporeal ones that inhabit our stories. It is through the body that we perceive the world, encounter other beings, and in which... more
Andrea Lawlor
Finding the Signal Through the Noise
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 am - 12 pm

Open To All
We have so many reasons not to write! Audre Lorde taught us that poetry is not a luxury and still we struggle to find the time or see the point. In this multigenre workshop, we will ask how and why to write in a world on fire. We’ll look to queer/trans writers for models of... more
Carmen Maria Machado
The Art of Suspense
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 9 am - 12 pm

This course will focus on suspense—both as a feature of genres like mystery and horror and a principle of craft that serves as the backbone for all fiction. Within this principle resides the blueprints for understanding and mastering character, plot, the building and releasing of tension, and the unsettling recesses of the human psyche… everything... more
The Future Perfect Project
I’m Feeling Queer Today!: ‘Queer on the Cape’ Podcast Workshop
July 7 to July 12, 2024
Time 11 am - 4 pm

Open To All
In this workshop, queer youth are handed the mic to create a 30-minute podcast episode, ‘Queer on the Cape,’ to be included in The Future Perfect Project Podcast, I’m Feeling Queer Today! Through a series of group discussions, team building exercises, and writing prompts, participants will conduct, record, and edit audio stories about their experience... more

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